Daily Club Life...

So that you wont miss anything, we will publish here below small updates as a log
with the most recent one first - So stay tuned !
July 8 - Waistrooss Regatta FLSA Schengen
June 23 - Visé Liège Regatta (B) 1 crew on a 2X
June 19 - Den Hertog Dommel Regatta (NL) 1 crew on a 4X+
June 5 - Start of 10 beginners training sessions
May 22 - Start of 4 demo sessions
May 15 - 2nd Presentation for the Beginners Training
May 12 - 1st Presentation for the Beginners Training
May 5 - Bonne Chance renovation is complete! About 50 hours of work!
May 5 - Move of the trailer with 3 boats from the hangar (Bonne Chance, Elweng, Empacher)
Apr. 7 - Move of the pontoon and the caravans to the Mosel river
Mar. 21 - General Assembly meeting in Bech
Mar. 10 - Replacement of 3 tyres on the main caravan
Mar. 7 - AG Meeting in Bech

Our Equipment...

Find here updates regarding the equipment.
(Updated June.26, 2018)
  • Buermereng (Racing Quad): Bow rigger broken > Repaired, boat can be used!
  • Funny: fin to be sealed - Boat cannot be used
  • Money Penney: One rigger screw missing and fin to be sealed - Boat can still be used
  • Letzebuerg1: 5th seat lost in the marina, new seat ordered
  • Bonne Chance: Painting completed, Silicon missing
  • Mozila: Final cover painting still to be applied.
  • Schengen: Primer applied, final cover to be done.  Foot stretcher screw broken, new parts received - still usable
Any defect to raise or any suggestion ?
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