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Waistrooss pictures!

Published Sun 16 Jul 2023

Dear rowers,

You will find here enclosed 3 different folders with all the pictures that were taken during this 6th edition of the Waistrooss in Schwebsange.

You may download as you wish.  If you would like a picture with a higher resolution, just send us an email with the filenames.

Pictures gallery

Waistrooss 2023 Mix

Waistrooss 2023 Finish Line

Waistrooss 2023 Ceremony


The referees applied a correction to the final list as the handicap of the first boat on the startline was actually deducted twice to all the participants.
The real race speed was therefore not correct (everyone was faster 😉 but with no impact on the arrival times and the different trophees.

The PDF finish list is accessible here as well  Waistrooss Arrival List
Thank you once again for your presence and see you next year!

Best regards,

The LIRC committee