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AG Meeting - New statutes approved and new committee formed

Published Sun 24 Mar 2024

The AG meeting we had on the 18th of March in Besch-Kleinmacher was successful.

At the moment of the AGM, the LIRC had 64 members (those that had paid their membership fee before the AGM took place).
At the AGM 29 of these members were present and 24 of these members had provided a signed Power of Attorney.
Conclusion: 53 members participated in the voting of the AGM (82.81%), which is more
than 2/3 (66.67%) of the members at the time of voting.

The members of the committee warmly thank all the members present as well as the members who sent us a poa.

The statutes changes due to the new asbl regulations of August 2023 have been approved by the voters.

We acknowledged as well the application of Juliette van Beek and Diogo Machado Mendes to join the committee.

Nicole, Elisabeth and Pietro are leaving the committee for personal reasons and will keep on rowing and helping the club!  We thank them very much for their contribution over the last years.

During the first meeting, the new committee members had on the 22nd of March, the roles have been distributed as follows:

Treasurer: Marjan van Herwijnen
Secretary: Juliette van Beek-
Vice-President: Olivier Hanin
President: Michel Fries
Member: Katty Fries
Member: Diogo Machado Mendes

Let's wish this new committee all the best of success!

The new LIRC committee

PS: The statutes are published and accessible to the members on the website under "Publications"
as well as here below (main changes are highlighted in yellow in this document)

Files for download
LIRC statuts v2024