LIRC Committee Meetings

We will publish condensed committee meeting minutes in this area.

Daily Club Life...

So that you wont miss anything, we will publish here below small updates as a log with the most recent one first - so stay tuned !

December 3 - Repair session: Bonn Chance sanding, Caravans housekeeping, Oars cleaning

October 21 - Winter preparation and pontoon move at 9.30am.  Thank you for your contribution.

September 30 - Three boats of LIRC participated to the 68.Regatta of Bernkastel in Germany.

September 24 - We participate to the next Lëtz Be Active at La Coque Kirchberg.

September 16 - 16 new captains have accepted to endorse this new role. We had a BBQ party to celebrate the day!

August 26 - 5 members participated to the Randonnee on the Saar river with 35km up to Konz organized by the local rowing club

August 20 - LIRC members were at the Felicien Ropps Randonnee in Namur with 30+ km!

July.2 - 1st International Waistrooss Regatta in Remich!!!  5 LIRC boats on the water!

June. 10 - Nice LIRC presence at the annual repair workshop!  Almost all fixes have been applied!  Thank you all!

May. 26 - Presence at the Spillfest in Koeckelscheuer

May. 20 - Participation to the Night of Sports in Remerschen with 2 fun skiffs on the water for kids training and Buermereng on display

Apr.30 - Let's wish best of rowing to our club competitors for the next Eurega regatta on the 6th of May (as positioned in Bonn Chance): Michael Mayer, Jana Bajzova, Dorothee Eckertz, Giulio Carini and Martin Krobbach.

Apr. 26 - The first LIRC Sportswear order will be completed by Apr.30.  Be ready!


Our Equipment...

Find here updates regarding our equipment.
(Updated Feb.3, 2018)
  • Mozila. The fin is repaired with an original Wintech alu fin. Scratches are covered with resine and primer.  Final cover painting still to be applied.
  • Schengen Primer applied, final cover to be done.
  • Frauenlob center footstretch is loose on one foot.
  • Kellergasse add screws blocking system to the rails.


Any defect to raise or any suggestion ?
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