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Bernkastel Regatta results

Bernkastel Regatta results

The 68. Benkastel regatta in Germany is now over! 4km to row with a U turn.

268 boats, thousands of rowers from different countries!

LIRC aligned 3 boats: Mozila with Claudio and David (rennen 8), Schengen with Catherine and Sebastian (rennen 34) and Bonne Chance, with Juliane, Katty, Cristina, Pierre and Michel (rennen 5).

The perfect organization and the beautiful place of Bernkastel was a really great experience for us all. Even if the weather was quite wet, we were all able to perform well and with honour!

Find the results in the attached file.

An article is in preparation which will give you a deeper flavour of that day!

In the meantime, see the pictures here:

with LIRC members: https://www.flickr.com/gp/katty-michel/G7Y2b2

of other teams : https://www.flickr.com/gp/katty-michel/W693do