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Book LIRC BBQ Party on 16.SEP.2017 !

Book LIRC BBQ Party on 16.SEP.2017 !

After the positive come-together-experience of last year’s “after the race rehearsal”,


we will have this year an end-of-summer-and-beginning-of-autumn-season-picnic for all members and families.

It will take place on

Saturday 16. September at 12:00 (after the outing)

in Bech-Maacher at the “aal Gemeng” at the pond

– that is just left of the church in the center of the village

52, Route du Vin, L-5405 Bech-Kleinmacher


It will take place at any weather because the alternative is to use the cellar of the old Commune.

Please register at http://www.luxrow.org/index.php?site=page&id=calendar&action=event&upID=15934

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