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New Captains and BBQ ! 16-SEP-2017

Welcome to our 16 new captains!  Martin and Freddy explained this new role and the responsibilities.
Following this session, we had then our BBQ party !
BBQ organized and prepared by Liane, Jana, Pierre, Freddy and Martin !
Well done guys!  And with a nice sunshine, that was really appreciated!
See the pictures: Captain's day

1st Intl Waistrooss Regatta 02-JUL-2017

Organized by the FLSA

LIRC participated with 5 boats
1st Regatta in Remich
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Regatta Remich 2017
See here the pictures...!

LIRC Night of Sports 20-MAY-2017

We were welcoming young kids to the improvised pontoon on Remerschen pond during this night of sports organized by the commune of Schengen.
They are learning very fast !

Click on the picture at the right to see more.
Xmas team

Christmas Outing 17-DEC-2016

One of our last outing before Christmas, so everyone who could join had the pleasure to wear a Xmas hat!
Following a very pleasant rowing session, a well deserved Glühwein and Christmas cookies were offered to the rowers!
See the pictures here:  LIRC Xmas Outing

Moving the pontoon 03-DEC-2016

We had a nice cold and dry winter day to move the pontoon to the marina.
All went fine thanks to all the members who participated!

Moving the pontoon! See the pictures

Visit of Jean-Benoit

Visit of Jean-Benoit Valschaerts 01-OCT-2016

On the 1st of October 2016, we had the great pleasure to meet Jean-Benoit Valschaerts at the plot.

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Visit of Jean-Benoit
Great pleasure to meet with a big chief!

FLSA Regatta 11-SEP-2016

This was a first attempt of a regatta with handicap regrouping only members of the LIRC club followed by a nice lunch at Besch.  We all had a good time!

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Visit of Jean-Benoit
River Lahn

River Lahn Randonnée JUN-2016

Nice randonnée on river Lahn in Germany!
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River Lahn
Nice views, great souvenirs!

LIRC Winter preparation OCT-2015

Every year we need to move most of the boats to the hangar nearby the plot for the winter.  It's a big effort where every hands are welcome!
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Winter preparation
Enthousiasm and great collaboration!
Winter preparation 2015